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Sound Services

Equipped with the world’s latest techology audio systems are powerful equipment, all audio services are at your disposal.

Lighting Services

Equipped with the latest technology for professional use, all lighting services are at your disposal.

Truss Services

Truss systems with various materials and sturdy construction in all sizes, accompanied by our professional team, are at your service.

Podium Services

Durable podiums specially tailored to needs of every event are at your service.

Scaff Services

Durable scaff systems, built to cater different requirements for every event’s needs, are at your service, accompanied by our professional team.

Dj Setup

High-end professional DJ equipment of cutting-edge technology are at your disposal.


Business Partners

Prolyte Group
Providing services throughout Turkey and Europe, VBB Production works with the most experienced technical experts in the field of LED display systems. Through our fully equipped infrastructure consisting of technical support, maintenance-repair and mechanical training operations, we are able to carry out high-toned and trouble-free projects. Regardless of the form of the project, all LED displays and services are delivered with our technical expertise, diligent workmanship and our principled work ethic. Serving as your creative solution partner with a young and dynamic team and a state-of-the-art product portfolio, we offer services in many sectors such as retail, entertainment and media among others with our unrivaled product and service range.